Learn how to defend yourself against Weapons

SheFighter Team teaches you some quick tips on how to defend yourself against knife, gun or stick.
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University of Jordan Women Self-Defense Course

Monday 28th of January 2013, we will give a course in Self-Defense for the 3rd time at the University of Jordan.
Our course concentrates on teaching women how to escape a very dangerous situation, and we will increase their physical strength and their Self-Esteem by training hard.

How i started SHEFIGHTER!

My name is Lina Khalifeh, im 28 years old and im the Founder/Owner of SHEFIGHTER.
I would like to tell you about how i started my business ” SHEFIGHTER”
First time i got the idea was back when i was in the University 2006, one of my friends was abused from her Father a lot. he used to hit her, other than that i saw and heard many many stories about other women being abused in Jordan.
So i decided to create something that helps women learn Self-Defense.
I first thought about what are the techniques women should learn to escape a dangerous situation as fast as possible.
Then i came up with SheFighter System. I started training women at their own homes, then i opened a small studio in the basement of my parents house.
in 2011, i got very disappointed about my idea and business, since women in Jordan don’t care much about learning Self-Defense. I had to do Marketing and advertising in a very creative way in order to get women’s attention.
in 2012, my parents decided to sell the house, so i started dealing with Gyms in my area and i rented spaces in these gyms to get as many people as i can to sign up with me.
In JUNE 2012, i opened my own and first studio. Its been running now till 7 months and is going well, compared to how i started.
Our Mission in SheFighter is
1. To train as much women as we can locally and globally.
2. To Franchise SheFighter’s Studios All over the MENA Region, Canada and the states.
3. To deliver the best Customer Service a woman could have in Self-Defense.

My Journey is still going. I will keep posting about the achievement that i’m making every once in a while.

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Best Regards,
Lina Khalifeh
Founder and Instructor