Amazing Story

Proudly we are sharing an amazing story and great success to us as well.
Have a minute and read the story about our Hero “DANA” :

 Hi am writing this to YOU and to tell you how important self defence is .

I used to be a member at shefighter and ill return inshallah, my story took place on Tuesday 5/2/2013 I was going back home it’s 6:00 pm ,as I entered my building facing the elevator a guy came from behind and stroke his hand between my legs , I was scared ,shocked , saw blackness !
I screamed at the top of my lungs and started running after him , 2 guys saw me they cought him and grabbed him tied the attacker to the floor, one grabbing his hands and the other one grabbing his legs I used every single kick shefighter has thought me.  I kicked his ass he was crying begging me to stop , when I finally stopped the police came and took him .

My case was related to (حماية الأسرة) it was considered as a (جناية كبرى) , I pressed my charges and ironically the attacker pressed his charges against me because I attacked him back.

On Wednesday 6/2/2013 my attacker took 3 years in jail :))))))

Pay attention to every thing during class SHEFIGHTER ,do the techniques million times and do not whine about it.
Before shefighter I was a biscuit ,too sensitive , scary cat, couldn’t kill a fly ,if this happened to me before shefighter I would’ve ran to my house closed my door and cried but I DIDN’T , shefighter made
Me a stronger person mentally and physically .

I pray this never happen to you or your beloved ones but if it did don’t stay still SCREAM , RUN , HIT WITH ANYTHING U HAVE, PAY ATTENTION TO HIS FACE AND NEVER BE A VICTIM .

Thank u SHEFIGHTER Lina ,Tasneem , and Lina You are awesome I love u may god bless u .


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