SheFighter Really Works!!

I´ve always liked to walk and, in Spain, I usually walked a lot and felt very secure. When I arrived to Jordan, three years and a half ago, I decided I would continue walking despite the harassment in the streets. However, once, nearly a year and a half ago, I was walking back home when and a car stopped by. It was night time, maybe nine, as I was coming back from work, but I was in my neighborhood, a quite one, so I felt secure. Two gays in their 30´s started harassing me from inside the car and this time I spoke back. They got angry, started harassing me even more and decided to follow me. They passed me three times with the car and, for the first time in Jordan, I really felt intimidated, so I picked up a stone from the street wondering what was I supposed to do with it if something really happened. I found the brothers of a friend before arriving home so I stayed with them. I felt angry, I din´t want to be with guys in orther to feel protected and in my own neighborhood! I talked to a friend about it, we checked online and we found she-fighter so we joined. Like a month ago, I was walking to work, this time daylight, when a gay walked close to me. I din´t understand at first although I could feel there was something weird in his attitute, I looked back at him to let he know that I was feeling uncomfortable so he went away from me. As I turned back, he came even closer to me, nearly touching my body. There was no-one else in the street so I panicked but, instead of paralyzing, my brain activated my body so I jumped away from him and raised my hands in order to defend myself. He mumbled something and left running. The feeling was of proudness and self-confidence. And I thought: “Eih! SheFighter works!”


Ana Gracia


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