Lina khalifeh is a Highly Energetic young Entrepreneur, a passionate public Speaker and an amazing Coach.

She started Shefighter because of this story she would like to share with all of you about violence against women: “Back in 2007, one of my friends her name is Sara used to work part time after University to earn her living, but when she goes home her brother used to beat her up and take all the money. She came once to the University all bruised and her face looked pale and sad. I got so upset about the idea that women shouldn’t be that weak, women should be strong enough to defend themselves from anyone who cause them pain and harm.
Since i am a Martial Arts expert, i came up with a useful project idea called SheFighter. SheFighter is the 1st Self-Defense studio for women only in Jordan and the Middle East.
Women from different age groups join our Classes to learn Self-Defense and Martial arts”.

Lina started her first Shefighter studio in 2012 and she trained and empowered around 10’000 women nationally and Internationally.

In 2014, she opened a bigger branch in Amman that has two studios in it.

Her favorite quote is:
“speak up even if your voice Shakes”

Lina khalifeh



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